Funding fields

The purpose of the foundation is the financial support and promotion of projects in

• education and training,

• the care of the elderly,

• the field of art, culture and the preservation of historical monuments as well as science and research.

• We help people in need and promote civic engagement for the above-mentioned purposes.

Here we provide a small glimpse into our diverse funding activities:


• Playground equipment for bilingual KiTa, reconstruction of the green classroom at Käferschule Wolfsburg, teaching aids for students from financially weak homes, whiteboard at Eichendorff Elementary School, scholarship awards, long-term project My School Goes Green

• Notebooks for various senior citizens’ homes to enable elderly citizens to stay in (online) contact with their families during the pandemic, grant for senior citizens’ concert, senior citizens’ program of the Ehra-Lessien support association

• Donation stair lift for a disabled Wolfsburg citizen, Wolfsburg children’s hospice, HEIDI support association for children with cancer, DRK therapy dog project, Wolfsburg food bank, Wolfsburg leukemia support, Wolfsburg women’s shelter, premature baby project “Elfen helfen”, “Carpe Diem” residential project

MarisaMobil project