About the scholarship

The Carl Hahn Scholarship, launched in July 2016, is intended to enable talented young people from Volkswagen’s catchment area in Wolfsburg to study economics and technology. The programme is primarily aimed at committed students who want to enrol at a German or international university with a business or natural science orientation. Preference is given to applicants who can demonstrate social commitment in addition to very good ‘Abitur’ grades.
The financial situation of the student’s family is also taken into account. The duration of the scholarship is one year with the option of annual renewal until the end of the course. Regular performance records are obligatory and applicants are requested to send an informative letter of application to info@hahn-stiftung.org.

Presentation of the scholarship holders

Carlotta Crome

Carl-Marisa-Hahn-Stiftung-Stipendiatin-Carlotta-Chrome-PortraitI have been a scholarship holder of the Carl and Marisa Hahn Foundation for almost 3 years. I am currently studying economics and organisational sciences in Munich. The scholarship enables me to discover the diversity of the world. In addition, it enables me to study and complete parts of my studies abroad without any worries. Dr. Hahn’s commitment is also admirable outside the Foundation. It is inspiring how he works for equal access to education worldwide and actively supports this by building schools. To add to this the foundation helps wheelchair-bound people in Wolfsburg with the MarisaMobil to gain mobility and freedom. His life’s work illustrates how Dr. Hahn uses the power he has gained over the years to help people around the world and make their everyday lives easier. I am grateful that I have personal contact with Dr. Hahn, which makes the support  very familiar. Thank you very much for your support.

Sven Wiesner

Two years ago, a Wolfsburg newspaper article drew my attention to the scholarship of the Carl und Marisa Hahn Foundation and I submitted my application accordingly. At the time, I had already been accepted for a place at ETH Zurich in Switzerland and was therefore looking for scholarships that would also facilitate studying abroad. After an enjoyable conversation with Dr Hahn, I got confirmation of the scholarship and a big financial burden of my studies was taken care of. I would like to particularly highlight the extraordinarily friendly and uncomplicated contact with the Carl und Marisa Hahn Foundation from the very beginning, which enables me to interact with the Foundation far from Wolfsburg. I would like to thank the Carl und Marisa Hahn Foundation for its support, and especially Dr. Hahn for his interest and commitment, and wish Dr. Hahn all the best for the future.

Bastian Döring

During my one-year stay abroad at Volkswagen in Beijing, I already learned about the unique history that connects Dr. Hahn and the People’s Republic of China. Furthermore, Dr. Hahn impressed me with decades of loyalty to Volkswagen and also with the interesting way of his life in different countries and cultures. Because of this and my wish to be able to take advantage of new opportunities in the international business world by studying, I decided to send an application to the Carl and Marisa Hahn Foundation.
After an exiting conversation in Dr. Hahn’s office, the Foundation enabled me with a scholarship to start my studies in International Business at the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle, Netherlands.
I am very grateful to Dr. Hahn and the entire Foundation for their financial and personal support. I would also like to emphasise the helpfulness of all those involved.